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Camden Delta Announces New Partnership with Stewart Leadership to Expand Leadership Development Services & Products

Camden Delta Announces New Partnership with Stewart Leadership to Expand Leadership Development Services & Products

Camden Delta Consulting LLC, a management consulting firm with headquarters in Atlanta, is pleased to announce its partnership with Stewart Leadership, a leading management consulting company based in Portland, Oregon.
The partnership will allow both consulting firms to expand their services, locations, resources, and industry leadership to more effectively serve their clients and markets where each has a strong reputation.

Glen Kallas, Managing Partner and founder of Camden Delta Consulting, believes that this strategic partnership has the ability to thrive due to our mutual values, operating principles, and complementary solutions.

“We have built a strong reputation in helping clients with broad capabilities in human capital management. This partnership provides us an expansion of these services and allows us to provide our clients support in developing front- and mid-level leaders who require fundamental and advanced leadership skills training. Stewart Leadership’s award-winning LEAD NOW! content, tools, and proven resources allow us to serve our clients with new and more comprehensive solutions. In return, Camden Delta provides Stewart Leadership access to industry-leading expertise in workforce strategy and planning, plus comprehensive talent management and change management consulting services,” said Kallas.

Combined, both firms have served many global Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized growth companies alike in markets ranging from North America to Europe to Asia Pacific.

Daniel J. Stewart, president of Stewart Leadership, states, “We are honored to partner with such a well-respected and industry-leading human capital consulting firm. Glen and I have known each other for several years, and we share a deep commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. Our combined efforts will bring an added level of depth and increased service and product offerings to meet any client need.”

With the new partnership comes new expectations and opportunities. The priorities start with understanding their clients’ needs which, in turn, will drive a sustainable and successful, long-term market value.
“Both firms have worked long and hard at establishing themselves as client-centered organizations. Additionally, we both have a very strong focus on the engagement of our associates. The decision to partner with our friends at Stewart Leadership was easy,” said Kallas.

Stewart adds, “Both Glen and I are excited to share the expanded value our two companies can provide to our many current and future clients.”

Camden Delta Consulting, LLC is a professional management consulting firm, specializing in strategic organizational change management, strategy/organization effectiveness, talent planning, talent management, and leadership/individual coaching for success. For more information, please visit /.
With over 35 years of service, Stewart Leadership is a leading talent management, leadership development, and team performance consulting, coaching, and training company delivering successful business and people results for their clients. For more information, visit:


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