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Carmeuse Lime & Stone: Building Human Capital Capability for Sustainable Business Success

Carmeuse Lime & Stone’s North American Division asked for Camden Delta’s assistance in establishing a workforce planning methodology. We instructed an in-house Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) certification program and coached the team as they established their own SWP process and supporting toolkit .

Subsequently, Camden Delta was asked to assist in a pilot project specifically tied to a key strategic initiative for the organization. The pilot began by applying role segmentation principles and identifying pivotal roles, followed by development of role capability/competency models and the development of a comprehensive internal talent review to understand the internal supply of talent.

The talent reviews included customized 360 assessments, creation of talent profiles, and the use other assessments. Camden Delta facilitated the initial set of talent reviews based on this information and helped Carmeuse identify the internal supply and potential gaps in talent tied to these pivotal roles.

Our Process and Methodology

Camden Delta was an instrumental partner throughout the process for a two-year period. What began as purely providing instruction/training and thought leadership to internal team members quickly became an intensive and hands-on approach to helping Carmeuse launch several new talent management processes based on best practices and supporting best in class tools to execute the resulting human capital plans defined by the SWP process.

Foundational workforce data was collected using a focused resume approach configured to Carmeuse’s needs and specific workforce data requirements. Thereafter, Camden Delta facilitated several talent review meetings focused on identifying key talent with key capabilities and quickly helped the group make improved development and deployment decisions regarding this limited skill set of talent within the company. We additionally captured where targeted recruitment and contracting of skilled positions would be required to satisfy objectives of the strategic business plan.

A custom data set and resource tool was created to support the effort while the client’s SAP HCM module was being prepared to go-live. Camden Delta made it easy to then transfer the data to SAP for reuse and continuous process improvement.

Through our experienced support and expertise, access to best in class talent management tools and our willingness to jump in wherever we were needed, we helped drive successful adoption of the process and influence key business outcomes.

As a result of the insight demonstrated in the SWP process, Camden Delta was requested to facilitate the 5 year strategic planning process in collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer and the North American senior leadership team.

Tangible Benefits/Results

Together with our client we were able to identify the most significant gaps in senior leadership and other pivotal roles, and created a detailed human capital plan to close gaps as part of the North American succession and external executive talent recruitment processes (Buy/Build). Strategic programs tied to growth and sustainability objectives were initiated without delay or risk.

Additionally, because we seamlessly integrated the SWP process into broader human capital planning and talent management processes, we were able to facilitate a much more holistic and sustainable approach to solving a complex situation. New processes for managing critical talent were introduced and key business stakeholders successfully adopted change. As a result, SWP and talent management are viewed as critical business processes and not an HR initiative.

Why Camden Delta

Carmeuse recognizes Camden Delta as a global leader in strategic workforce planning and organizational change management. Several of Carmeuse’s senior business executives and HR leaders attended a public training session and walked away convinced that we could help them with their needs.

Furthermore, Carmeuse was impressed with how easy it was for Camden Delta associates to work alongside the client and really understand the issues in a rather complex business. This appreciation for the business coupled with a quick assimilation to the culture of Carmeuse established a foundation for long-term success.

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