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Crawford and Company: Aligning Leadership for Continued Success

Crawford Solutions™ offers comprehensive, integrated claims services, business process outsourcing and consulting services for major product lines including property and casualty claims management, workers’ compensation claims and medical management, and legal settlement administration.

Our Process & Methodology

Camden Delta was asked to design and introduce a comprehensive leadership assessment and development program to the Top 30 leaders within this Fortune 500 global organization. Co-sponsored by the Chief Executive Officer and Global Chief HR Officer, Camden Delta designed a very rigorous leadership assessment approach that combined a custom 360 instrument modeled from the expected leadership competencies as defined by Crawford. Coupled with the 360, Camden Delta introduced best in class assessment tools that would provide validated insight into leadership attributes deemed critical for success.  A comprehensive approach to this assessment process provided robust, fact based insight that allowed for deeper collective insight concerning the leadership team overall and of course for each individual leader.

The insight gained from the assessment phase of the engagement provided the foundation for a very well thought out Leadership Development Plan (LDP) that was custom designed in partnership with each leader and an assigned Camden Delta professional coach. Thereafter, the LDP was reviewed with each leader’s immediate executive supervisor and refined/confirmed.

The LDP’s were then integrated into the organization’s strategic talent review process and further leveraged for critical appointment decisions mapped to the organization’s strategic plan. Each leader continues to have a periodic leadership development review with their leader to continue to enhance and refine the LDP and to ensure long term alignment to Crawford’s goals.

Tangible Benefits/Results

The deep set of insight into leadership strengths and developmental opportunities proved to be a game-changer in helping key leaders continue to be successful in their current roles and also prepare others for roles of increased scope or significant change. The data centered approach to informing talent decisions fundamentally changed the way executive management thought about critical moves. For an organization ready to grow and invest in their future differently, gaining alignment based on fact based talent information helped to stage Crawford for successful change.

Additionally, by objectively focusing on key leadership talent, critical talent gaps/risks were able to be identified and proactively managed as part of a comprehensive talent management program.

The vast majority of leaders involved in the Leadership Talent Assessment Program found the process to provide incredibly valuable career development information, combined with a disciplined and well thought out action plan for professional development and strong alignment gained for both the organization’s and each key leaders benefit.

Why Camden Delta

Camden Delta was selected for this engagement because of our customized approach, careful and client centered planning and the ability to truly listen to understand Crawford’s unique needs.  Additionally, from the very beginning of the relationship, Camden Delta was very flexible but also well disciplined in meeting Crawford’s desired objectives.

Other reasons cited were that key stakeholders at Crawford identified with our values and methodologies as an organization (as communicated or modeled through our personal interactions). Crawford strongly believed Camden Delta would deliver on the promise. Plus, the willingness of Camden Delta’s consultants to connect others within our network and invest in the client relationship, even if there is nothing serving the firm in the short term, is a value which is admired and respected. Lastly, these attributes combined with the ability to deliver as promised, is likely the primary reason why Crawford will continue to select Camden Delta as a long term partner to work with.

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