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DC Pretrial Services Agency (PSA)

DC Pretrial Services Agency (PSA): Core Competencies for Increased Performance

The project required identifying general competencies for mission critical positions at PSA and job-specific competencies for each of ten mission critical Agency positions. The models developed needed to reflect the competencies required for the Critical Elements and Performance Standards articulated within performance plans for each of these roles. In addition to the competency models, the project required the development of an assessment instrument that could be administered by Agency staff on an annual basis to measure competency levels for each of the mission critical positions.

Our Process and Methodology

Camden Delta’s approach included conducting structured focus groups and interviews with incumbents in the roles plus a detailed job analysis following the established practices contained in the Uniform Guidelines.

Camden Delta helped the Agency define the competencies required and proficiency standards for each of these positions and then created a process to assess skilled employees’ strengths and gaps to fulfill a governmental requirement issued by OPM. Furthermore, we validated the competencies and helped integrate competencies into a performance management system.

Thereafter, Camden Delta conducted several managerial and employee training sessions on the use and application of the competencies, assigning ratings, and effectively evaluating performance using the newly established models as the core element of the program.

Tangible Benefits/Results

Working together with our client we were able to drive improved adoption of the competency model and new proficiency standards across the job families impacted by the change. Of utmost importance was to enhance the agency’s ability to meet government requirements while providing valid input into future development opportunities.

Camden Delta was effectively able to help DC Pre Trial Agency meet these and other critical objectives while enhancing the employee experience and engagement to the Agency.

Why Camden Delta

Camden Delta was awarded this Federal contract after a comprehensive and competitive review of multiple firms where the client recognized a deeper level of expertise and appreciation for the needs of the client in our response. Through multiple examples and illustrations of how we have helped numerous clients over the years, PSA became convinced that we were the contractor with whom they wanted to work.

As PSA worked with Camden Delta, they quickly appreciated the way our consultants worked alongside of them, often teaching and equipping them for longer term success and how the consulting team also were more than willing to conduct many of the working sessions with management during third shift operations late into the evening/early morning hours.

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