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Jackson Healthcare: Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow


Jackson Healthcare is the parent company of multiple healthcare-related organizations and is among the largest healthcare staffing and technology companies in the U.S. Currently serving more than seven million patients in over 1,300 healthcare facilities, Jackson also champions local, national, and international charitable work. All of the Jackson Healthcare companies share a strong sense of their cultural values. To ensure the company has a strong pipeline of emerging leaders for tomorrow, Jackson asked Camden Delta to design a leadership development program focused on individuals identified as having high potential for filling key roles in the future. The company had not sponsored formalized leadership development programs in the past, so this program is intended as a pilot program, with content closely aligned with Jackson’s cultural values.

Program Design

In response to Jackson Healthcare’s request, Camden Delta developed a rigorous and comprehensive program framework that incorporates best practices in leadership development design.

The year-long program includes three integrated components.

Individual Leadership Insight and Development

The first component of the program includes elements to assess the participant’s current leadership skills, providing each person with a clear understanding of his/her individual strengths and development needs. A Camden Delta Executive Coach conducts an in-depth career interview with the participant and compiles a detailed developmental report based on the interview, the participant’s assessment results, and input from the participant’s manager.

Each participant meets with his/her coach to review the integrated report and then drafts a detailed Individual Development Plan (IDP). The coach facilitates an alignment meeting with the participant and his/her manager, where they reach agreement on the IDP and the support the manager will provide. Participants are expected to schedule quarterly check-ins with their managers, and additional opportunities are built into the program for self-reflection and leadership journaling.

Large Group Sessions

All participants meet together for four large-group sessions that cover core content and ensure a baseline of leadership knowledge for all participants. The content for each of the modules aligns closely to the action learning stages (see below) to provide content that is relevant at the right time (“just-in-time learning”). Camden Delta provides some content for these modules, while leading experts are engaged to provide content for other modules.

Action Learning Teams

Teams are formed and assigned real business issues or opportunities to solve in an action learning process. This process requires teams to research the business case, leverage business leaders and data, craft a business plan, and present the plan to the company’s senior leadership. Teams are surrounded by a strong support network to ensure their success and also to stimulate their learning through the process. Each team is assigned a Business Coach—a senior leader within Jackson Healthcare—to provide guidance on internal resources and data sources, challenge the team’s thinking, and provide feedback to teams on their progress. Camden Delta coaches serve as Team Coaches and facilitate team working sessions; this role is key to helping the teams slow down and reflect upon their processes and team functioning, ensuring that teams stay on track and address any team issues that arise.


The program, still in its first year, has received outstanding reviews thus far. Participants are finding that the program is providing them with valuable developmental information. In addition, the module content in the large-group sessions is proving to be highly relevant to participants’ action learning projects and also has application to their day-to-day roles.

Why Camden Delta

When asked, Jackson Healthcare cites several reasons for choosing Camden Delta for this engagement. They appreciate our customized approach, careful and client-centered planning, and ability to truly listen to understand their unique needs.  In addition, Jackson Healthcare leaders value the fact that, from the very beginning of the relationship, Camden Delta has demonstrated a flexible yet disciplined approach to meeting their desired outcomes.

Another reason Jackson Healthcare cited for selecting Camden Delta is our culture, which closely aligns with Jackson’s cultural values. Their leaders strongly believe Camden Delta is delivering on our promise—and, we will continue to do so.

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