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West Tennessee Healthcare

West Tennessee Healthcare: Enhancing the Recruitment Process to Impact Patient Care

Camden Delta was engaged to provide West Tennessee Healthcare (WTH) with a flexible solution to address their Talent Acquisition initiatives.  The TA team was undergoing multiple changes including appointment of a new manager, high turnover of recruiters, and implementation of a new applicant tracking system.

Historically, WTH completed all of their recruitment process manually and used passive sourcing strategies.  WTH asked Camden Delta to conduct process design workshops to identify improved recruitment processes based on best practices. They wanted to then incorporate this work into the configuration of the new applicant tracking system (TEDs).

Our Process and Methodology

The engagement began with a two-day on site current state analysis.  This involved a cross-functional stakeholder group, including representatives from the hospital as well as HR.  In this meeting, Camden Delta presented leading recruitment practices and facilitated a workshop to get a better understanding of WTH’s current recruitment processes.  Camden Delta conducted both large group workshops as well as one on one interviews with a subset of hiring manager stakeholders.  There were 5 key areas of focus:

  • Requisition Management
  • Sourcing
  • Interviews and Selection
  • Job Offer and background checks
  • Onboarding

Camden Delta consolidated the findings and analyzed the impact their current practices were having on the organization.  Camden Delta then presented these findings and provided recommendations based on best practices.  The onsite session was used to map out the future state of the five key focus areas.  These discussions involved the TA manager and 3-5 other stakeholders from both HR and leaders within the organization.

The session participants were encouraged to think “outside the box” and question current operations.  The documentation from these sessions was used to create the future-state maps and accompanying requirements document.  This document included rules associated with each process, high-level technology requirements, and communication and change management issues. Using the identified communications issues, Camden Delta also drafted a communication plan and conducted a stakeholder analysis to assist with the implementation of the new system.

The requirements document provided great insight for the TEDs team to use during their configuration.  More importantly, this deliverable gave WTH a single document that outlines their new and improved recruitment process, recommendations, and actions for the future.

Tangible Benefits/Results

WTH found great value in the work produced.  Camden Delta brought ATS experience and was able to share insights into more effective ways to leverage the new system.  The requirements document in its entirety provided great assistance to the TED’s team to ensure an effective implementation process saving time and money. The process recommendations around sourcing and screening is anticipated to help greatly with the time to fill ratios in a very competitive labor market.  Moreover, these best practice processes will result in higher quality applicants progressing through to the offer stage which will increase the caliber of new hires ultimately improving patient care, which is at the core of WTH’s mission.

Why Camden Delta

West Tennessee Healthcare selected Camden Delta as their partner for this important initiative for two primary reasons. First, the breadth and depth of experience in helping other healthcare organization improve their human capital and talent management processes and secondly, for the long term commitment and relationships that Camden Delta has had with key members of the West Tennessee Healthcare executive and HR leadership team.

Our client also was quite pleased to see how well Camden Delta consultants partner with other third party service providers and collaborate with cross functional teams from all aspects of the organization.

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