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Cordell D. Jones
People/Employee (EX) Analytics Consultant

Cordell is a People/Employee (EX) Analytics Consultant with Camden Delta, LLC. He has over five years of analytics experience varying over industries such as higher education, healthcare, and the energy sector. As well as five years of field experience working in the healthcare industry as an emergency medical and pharmacy technician. Cordell would describe himself as “passionately curious.” Someone who walks through life puzzled and intrigued by life’s mysteries and issues and eager to solve such. As someone continuously broadening and learning new skills to solve such problems and further from his curiosity. This can be seen through Cordell’s career pivot in self-teaching himself coding and statistical languages such as Python and R. He has worked with businesses in the oil and gas industry and collegiate institutions in providing process improvements and data insights. Cordell holds a Master in Business Administration from Piedmont University and a dual bachelor’s degree from Piedmont. Cordell has a secondary Master’s degree in data science and applied statistics from Ball State University and Kennesaw State University. As far as qualifications and certifications, he holds a Google Analytics Individual Qualification, a certified entry-level Python Programmer, and a white belt in Lean Six Sigma. Cordell lives outside of Atlanta, GA, and will be moving to Lexington, KY, this summer. He is an avid outdoorsman, kayaker, comedian, and adrenaline junkie and always seeking the next adventure or laugh.

Key Experiences
• Designed and implemented a scheduling application for an institution’s tutoring services which saw an over 70% increase in service usage after
• Programmed and wrote Python scripts to automate various business processes and tasks in his multiple roles, saving hundreds of man-hours
• Wrote and conducted various statistical models in his roles in the energy industry sector to better combat and forecast commodity volatility
• Trained, coached, and managed a multitude of undergraduate college students in shaping leadership skills and soft skills as student employees.
• Seasoned in high-stress environments in years of field experience as a medic.

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