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Zachary Weinberger
Affiliate Consultant

Zachary is an experienced global consultant and business advisor and an expert in compensation, benefits and global rewards. He has worked in large, medium and small companies, both for profit and not-for profit, as an executive and internal consultant or as an external consultant helping address the full range of human resources issues.  Zachary has lived and worked in Latin America and the Middle East and has worked on six of the seven continents.  Organizations he’s done work for include Covidien, Crane Co., MasterCard, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and State Street Bank.

Zachary is a leader with a track record delivering strategic solutions and leading change. With exposure to multiple industries, he has a reputation for initiating continuous improvement in a collaborative and consultative manner. He understands the dynamics of organizations and the challenges of creating change.  Zachary has the experience, knowledge and ability to understand local and global business and HR issues and risks, and to identify, recommend, develop and apply creative and cost effective total rewards solutions.

Zachary has over 25 years of experience complimented by a Masters in ILR from Cornell, a JD, from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  He is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS).  Zachary has served on a variety on non-profit and community boards and as a university adjunct instructor.

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What's your....

Favorite childhood memory

When I was small we lived for a time in Costa Rica. I fondly remember riding the narrow gauge railway through the jungle and banana plantations from San Jose, Costa Rica to Limon on the Atlantic coast. At that time there was no road and the railway was the only way to get from most of Costa Rica to the Atlantic coast, other than by water or air.

Favorite song/record

I’m a person who will ride in the car or sit and work for hours and never turn on the radio. I do just fine with silence. If I had to make one choice I’d say a set of Bach’s Brandenburg concertos.

Least favorite vegetable

Can’t think of one, though I have learned from experience that as good as Brussel sprouts are, and I like them, they make nasty soup.

Favorite dessert

I’m a big fan of chocolate mousse

Best vacation ever

Any place new; with a preference for urban settings. I love seeing new streets and architecture, visiting new museums, eating new food and meeting new cultures and people.

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